What are toxins? Collapse

Commonly known as “toxins”, Botulinumtoxin A, is a popular injectable that temporarily eliminates facial lines and wrinkles.

What are fillers? Expand

Cosmetic Fillers are Hyalaraunic Acid-Based solutions that are injected sub-cutaneous to restore volume loss, smooth wrinkles, and enhance facial contours.

What is Mesotherapy? Expand

Bio-revitalization, or Mesotherapy, is a technique used to rejuvenate the skin through means of a transdermal injection.

Who should use our products? Expand

We offer a wide range of products that serve a multitude of purposes, allowing each customer to customize their treatments and processes.

What do I need to get started? Expand

At the bottom of each description, there will be a section labeled “What do I need to start?” This will have a short list of products or materials necessary to begin the process.

I don’t see a product that I want. Can you get it? Expand

We are constantly working to improve our product lines and offer the best products at the best price points. If you are looking for a product that we don’t currently have listed, please send us an email and we will work to get that product added to our inventory.

How do I store my products? Expand

Most products are recommended to be stored in a cool, dry environment. If refrigeration is necessary, it will be listed in the description.


What are my payment options? Expand

Currently we accept ALL major credit cards, Venmo, and TransferWise. Please check back frequently, as we will be adding more options soon.

What to do if your payment is denied Expand

Sometimes banks or credit card companies will block your purchase.   If this happens please contact your financial institution and ask them to allow charges from Aestheticmaison.com.  Ask them if they will process the transaction for you or if you should attempt payment again.

Will I receive an order / payment confirmation? Expand

You will receive an email with the order and purchase confirmation shortly after placing it through our website.

Medical Advice

Do we offer medical advice? Expand

No, we are not medical professionals and cannot give medical advice.  We always recommend that you consult a medical professional for any advice or questions you have concerning a medical condition or procedure.


Do you ship to my country? Expand

We currently offer global shipping with the exception of Canada and Spain. The recent pandemic has made shipping to these countries unstable and inconsistent. We strive to offer the best service and do not want to sacrifice reliability in product delivery. We will update our shipping restrictions as soon as possible. Our fulfillment centers are located in Seoul, South Korea, and Monterrey Mexico.  Your parcels will originate from one of these locations.

What are the estimated shipping times? Expand

Our orders are typically received by the customer within 5-7 business days from the purchase. There are certain exceptions to be considered; the most important one being International Customs. The most reliable time frame will come with the tracking number when the order is placed.

Can I track my package? Expand

We offer shipping verification and tracking numbers with every purchase. The tracking number is typically provided within 3-4 days of purchase. Please note, our private courier service will send tracking, once your parcel has cleared customs. You may email us at anytime, for specific shipping inquiries. [email protected]

Customs seized my package, now what? Expand

Every international parcel is subject to Customs investigations. Although not common, Customs has the authority to seize and control any package. Should this happen to your delivery, please notify us IMMEDIATELY. We will contact Customs on your behalf or replace the items at no additional charge to you.

Are there additional Customs taxes and fees? Expand

We offer a flat shipping rate, however there may be additional import fees and taxes subject to regulation by your country. Those additional fees and taxes would be the customers responsibility.

Other Questions

Where are you located? Expand

We are a US based company with our main office located in Nevada. We have a satellite office in Texas as well. Our shipping centers are located in Seoul, South Korea, and Monterrey Mexico .  All parcels will ship from one of our shipping centers. Please consider customs processing times, when placing an order.

Do you offer discount codes? Expand

Discount codes are available through affiliate websites or groups. Also, we offer seasonal sales and amazing product give-away opportunities.

Where do I enter my discount offer code? Expand

On the checkout page, there will be a box labeled “Coupon Code” to put your discount code in.

My offer code is not working Expand

If you have a code that is not working, please notify us immediately so we can correct the issue.

Can I become an Affiliate? Expand

We are always looking for affiliates that share our vision and values. There is a form on the website for potential affiliates. Please fill that out and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible.