Bien Peel


The modified formula of acids stimulates the process of biosynthesis, promotes skin renewal and regeneration. The effectiveness of the product is ensured by two phases: LIPOPHILIC and HYDROPHILIC. -HYDROPHILIC - starts the processes of renewal and rejuvenation of the skin, restores the structure, tightens and tones. - LIPOPHILIC - provides optimal skin hydration, restores its protective barrier, promotes deep penetration of active ingredients. BIENPEEL Advantages: - Applicable to any area - Instant result - No recovery period - All season - Painless - Compatible with any cosmetic procedures Efficiency: Restores skin tone Promotes rapid cell regeneration Instant lifting Whitening effect PROTOCOL OF THE PROCEDURE Step 1: Shake the vial until a uniform green color is formed. Step 2: draw up the required amount of the drug with a syringe or cannula without removing the stopper. Step 3: Cleanse the area to be treated with an all-purpose cleanser. Step 4: apply peeling in the amount required for the area, either by drip or with a brush. Attention: the procedure is carried out with nitrile gloves!!! Step 5: Massage the areas of application until completely absorbed and leave on the skin. The exposure time is 5 minutes. Step 6: Wash off with warm water. Step 7: Apply any oily cream to close the procedure. *This information is for educational purposes only, and has not been evaluated by the US FDA.
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This vegan/paraban free serum, offers one of the most potent, and purest topical formulas available.

Matrixyl 3000 contains 2 peptides, that work synergistically to signal cells to produce more collagen. Argireline is a peptide that aides in eliminating wrinkles caused by muscle movement, and Vitamin C, protects the skin against free radical damage. Together, this is a powerhouse product, thats ideal for use in the evening.

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