Follistatin 344


What is all the rage lately about Follistatin 344, and why are both men and women, looking to get their hands on this peptide ?? Essentially Follistatin is a protein that our bodies naturally make.  Our body needs and uses Follistatin to control our metabolism, grow muscle, and boost fertility. Increasing Follistatin intake, can help you gain muscle very quickly, and may aid in burning body fat.  There are no unknown adverse effects of taking this protein, at this time. Follistatin acts as myostatin and an activin inhibitor promoting muscle growth. It acts on granulosa cells to trigger the release of progesterone, minimizing the fluctuations in the menstrual cycle. It also has been shown to increase the hair follicle and growth for male pattern baldness, and increase muscle mass. How Does Follistatin Work: Follistatin 344 follows multiple courses of action to trigger specific changes in the body. Myostatin  a growth and differentiation factor protein, is produced by myocytes (muscle cells). The primary function of myostatin is to act as a regulator by limiting the growth of muscles so that they don’t grow out of shape. Boosting follistatin levels in mice led to reduced muscle gain and also decreased the size of the fat-storing cells (adipocytes) Follistatin 344 acts on the granulosa cells to trigger the release of progesterone . As progesterone is one of the main hormones regulating the menstrual cycle, slight fluctuations in the hormonal levels can disturb the whole cycle.This makes this naturally occurring protein ideal for women whom are near or in Menopause . Although no human trials have confirmed these results, animal-based studies suggest that follistatin can reduce the life and growth of cancer cells and minimize the chances of metastasis. Follistatin significantly reduced joint inflammation and cartilage degeneration in mice with arthritis. This suggests that follistatin has potential as an anti-inflammatory drug for treating arthritis, but clinical research is needed Hair growth The follistatin 344 peptide may aid male baldness. The peptides are known to suppress DHT action preventing the peptide from entering the bloodstream while used. It will then bind to DHT and prevent it from working normally. This makes it easier for follistatin to connect to DHT and inhibits it from functioning normally. As a result, the FS344 peptide easily blocks DHT production in the body, preventing baldness. Follistatin has been shown to increase hair development significantly in mice. A single follistatin 344 treatment resulted in a year of hair growth. (Work cited by muscleandbrawn; cited work by . This is not sold nor suggested to be used outside of  research and testing purposes. You will need to reconstitute with Saline or BAC water, which is sold separately.  If you purchase 4 peptides, we will send you 1 BAC water for free.This information is for research purposes, this product is intended for research purposes , and is not for human consumption, per the US law.  Please enjoy all of the information we provide, and understand it is for research only, and is not considered to be medical advice. These products nor product descriptions, have to been evaluated nor approved by the FDA.   
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