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HANHEAL Exosome Facial Rejuvenation helps skin cells rejuvenate faster so you can look and feel years younger. Scientists have found that when a healthy (skin) cell sends an Exosome to an unhealthy cell, the damaged cell will then begin to regenerate and repair. The ingredients in Hanheal Exosomes Facial Rejuvenation derived from human cells, improve the overall condition of skin, making it supple and hydrated. Hanheal Exosomes Facial Rejuvenation can increase skins collagen (in treated areas) up by 6X as well as increase skins elastin levels up by 300% The way this amazing product works, simply put, is Exosomes are messengers that transmit regeneration related signals to various (treated) tissues in our body. Hanheal Exosomes Facial Rejuvenation is involved in signaling between cells to promote activity and cell proliferation, thereby enhancing regeneration and activity of various human tissues affected by aging. Who Can Benefit from Using Hanheal Exosomes Facial Rejuvenation: Anyone experiencing any of the following skin issues/concerns can greatly benefit from using the innovative Hanheal Facial Rejuvenation treatment. Sun Damage Age Spots Flabbiness of skin Uneven texture or Enlarged pores. Lines or wrinkles that have not disappeared with other treatments. Acne Storage: Keep out of the reach of children. Store out of direct sunlight. As long as the lid is not open, then you can store the product in a refrigerator for up to one month. Package Contains: Ampoule 5ml. x5 vials. / Dry Ampoule 100mg x5 vials Percautions: Consult with a medical professional if there are any abnormal symptoms or side effects such as erythema, swelling, papules, or itching when using this product. Protect the area by keeping away from direct sunlight after treatment. Do not use on skin with Eczema, or Dermatitis, or any wounded skin area. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and we strictly post these products for educational purposes only.
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This vegan/paraban free serum, offers one of the most potent, and purest topical formulas available.

Matrixyl 3000 contains 2 peptides, that work synergistically to signal cells to produce more collagen. Argireline is a peptide that aides in eliminating wrinkles caused by muscle movement, and Vitamin C, protects the skin against free radical damage. Together, this is a powerhouse product, thats ideal for use in the evening.

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