Innoxa Blue Hydrating Eye drops


Beautifying and moisturizing eye drops for tired, dry, red, and itchy eyes with triple action of moisture, protection, and whitening. This Innoxa French flagship product, the Blue Formula, has been featured in French Vogue and has gained massive popularity for a good reason, it's truly a miracle for dry and tired eyes. Brightens and whitens red, yellow, and greyish tones for the eyes.
The most popular Innoxa eye drop, the Blue Formula, cures dry eye symptoms immediately, providing long-lasting protection and lubrication for the cornea. Soothes discomfort and signs of eye tiredness, making it ideal for dry, tired, and irritated eyes or if you suffer from itchiness in the eyes, difficulty blinking, or blurred vision. Our eyes experience stress from excessive screentime and prolonged exposure to exterior aggressors such as pollen, pollution, and dust. The Innoxa Blue Formula drops moisturize and protect your eyes, immediately relieving any of these symptoms - but they also have a beautifying effect as they brighten your eyes and whiten the whites in your eyes, making your eyes look clear and energized.
  • Moisturizing and beautifying eye drops
  • For dry, tired, red eyes
  • Brightens and whitens red, yellow, and grey eyes
  • Immediately soothes discomfort and irritation in the eyes
  • Sterile, preservative-free
  • Methylene blue whitens the eyes
  • Cornflower provides anti-inflammatory properties
  • Trehalose hydrates and protects the cornea
  • Chamomile soothes
+ Chamomile and Cornflower Floral Waters, Sweet Clover and Eyebright Waters, Methylene Blue, Trehalose, Sodium Chloride. Buffered solution.
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