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Oxytocin, a natural protein hormone, plays important roles in sexual reproduction, childbirth, bonding between mother and child during breast feeding, wound healing. Oxytocin is also connected to serotonin and dopamine. This trio of neurotransmitters is often referred to as the “happy hormones,” and for good reason. Under the right conditions, they work as a team to make us feel butterflies. New research suggests that it may boost cognitive performance, reduce cardiovascular risk, and offset the effects of diabetes. Based on ability to improve rates of wound healing and modulate inflammatory cytokines, researches speculated that oxytocin may also play a role in protecting the heart and vascular system. The peptide has been found to help lower fat mass, improve glucose tolerance, decrease blood pressure and relieve anxiety. All of these are important factors in cardiovascular disease (CVD) and thus it is not unreasonable to think that oxytocin might be useful adjuvant to existing CVD treatment. Oxytocin has been studied for social/sexual behavior in Women and Men, Maternal and Paternal, Autism, Schizophrenia and Pain Perception. Many prefer to receive benefits from Oxytocin in the form of a saline mixed nasal spray! *This is not sold nor suggested to be used outside of  research and testing purposes. If you purchase 4 peptides, we will send you 1 BAC water for free. This information is for research purposes, this product is intended for research purposes , and is not for human consumption, per the US law.  Please enjoy all of the information we provide, and understand it is for research only, and is not considered to be medical advice. These products nor product descriptions, have to been evaluated nor approved by the FDA.

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