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StarFill Implant Plus Lidocaine is ideal for correction of severe lines and facial volumization. This  is used for lower subcutaneous and supraperiosteal injections. Scope of StarFill Implant Plus Lidocaine: facial volumization (forehead, temples, malars, lower lid, chin, preauricular area, and jawline) reduction of deep wrinkles and folds (nasolabial folds, worry lines, frown lines, perioral and chin wrinkles) nose bridge/ridge improvement The aesthetic effect lasts from 12 to 18 months. Product composition: Cross-linked sodium hyaluronate 24 mg/ml, Lidocaine hydrochloride 3 mg/ml, PBS StarFill Implant Plus Lidocaine 1 syringe × 1.1 ml, 2 needles per pack Needle size: 27G Manufacturer: JETEMA Co., Ltd., South Korea *This should be applied by your medical or trained professional. Please note our overseas business partners name may appear on your credit card charge for this product.   We aren’t medical professionals and we do not have a medical professional on staff. We make no guarantees on any products. All Peptides are for research use only and not for human or animal use. All products are drop shipped from Korea and Mexico.Products have not been approved by FDA and statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated or approved by FDA. All product information sourced by manufacturer and  GPT Chat.
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This vegan/paraban free serum, offers one of the most potent, and purest topical formulas available.

Matrixyl 3000 contains 2 peptides, that work synergistically to signal cells to produce more collagen. Argireline is a peptide that aides in eliminating wrinkles caused by muscle movement, and Vitamin C, protects the skin against free radical damage. Together, this is a powerhouse product, thats ideal for use in the evening.

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